News - Return of the Plebs

Return of the Plebs

Posted: September 11, 2014


Series two of Plebs begins on Monday September 22nd at 10pm on ITV2.

Here's a photo of us in our new toy.

News - Edinburgh Shows

Edinburgh Shows

Posted: July 31, 2014


I'm in Edinburgh doing a panel show about the internet and a couple of work in progress gigs. I wouldn't travel there just for those but if you're already at the festival then why not!?

News - Dinner's Finished!

Dinner's Finished!

Posted: July 31, 2014


The third series of Friday Night Dinner is done.

Catch up here on 4OD.

News - Edinburgh Tickets Released

Edinburgh Tickets Released

Posted: June 20, 2014


I have spotted a gap in the market for a brave new project I'm currently referring to as a 'panel show'. Am trying it out in Edinburgh if you're there and know what the internet is.

No idea why I'm wearing headphones.

News - Friday Tonight Dinner!

Friday Tonight Dinner!

Posted: June 20, 2014


Yes, the third series starts tonight if you fancy. Fridays! 10pm! Channel 4!

Three exclamation marks in a row is too many, but still, it's exciting.